Just a perfect day in the city.


My wife is adorable.


Leaving the bar after happy hour on Thursday night and I just had to stop and take a quick shot of our lovely city.  I really dig the new location our company moved to in the city.


Every once in while life offers up some pretty amazing opportunities. This weekend was one of those for me. Jo and I were just talking about how we haven't had a chance to rest and relax lately, so this weekend was right on time. Our friend Drew pitched the idea of renting and staying at a vacation rental on a winery. So Drew and Maika, Mike and Lisa, and Jo and myself all pitched in for the estate vacation rental on the Gustafson Family Vineyards.

First of all the house was amazing. It was a perfect weekend for spending some time with some very good friends and doing so in a stunningly beautiful location. We also got to meet Drew and Maika's new baby boy Val. Also during our stay we made a new friend, Rampage, the winery dog. I'll let the photos do the rest of describing the weekend.


Beers with friends and coworkers, Jon and Dave, at Schroeder's.  It's a great place and nothing less than a liter will do to instigate some serious work discussions.


Jo and I caught up with our nieces and Jo's sister Melissa and her husband in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios theme park.  Jo's niece's are huge fans of Harry Potter so the main focus of this trip was Harry Potter World.  Harry Potter World was very impressive.  I think my favorite part was Diagon Alley, especially the fire breathing dragon over Gringotts Bank.  The hotels and resort were also great.  The water taxis were very cool.  We were kind of shocked to find a fake San Francisco in the park.  The Jurassic Park area was quite cool and I could have spent a little more time in the Simpson's Springfield area.  In any event it was a great time.  Here are some photos from the trip.


Well Jo will kill me for posting this but I think she looks like a rock star.  We ran the US Half Marathon in San Francisco this Sunday and the course included running across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Who could resist that on a run?  The run was beautiful and the weather was perfect.